It is not easy to have a good reputation for the quality of advice and service, you have to acquire it over many years. The companies of the SIEVEKING GROUP: Over 200 years of experience. Tradition with a future.


A company with principles. Why are there principles when it's all about returns? Because we are not only concerned with economic aspects. It is about a personal and long-term relationship with our customers, from which both sides benefit permanently. So it's about more than that:

It's about service - so that we can always support you effectively. Even in the event of a claim, of course.

It is about specialisation and professional competence - which can achieve more than standardised insurance cover. So that we can be the best for you.

It's about conceptual ability and innovation - so that we can be active beyond the limits set
by insurers.

It's always about quality - and less about margin. It's about being better, not just more profitable. That pays off in the end. For our customers and us.

And of course it's about money - about your money. Therefore, you should compare the
price-performance ratio of our offers with what you have previously found to be favourable in the competitive environment.

Then you benefit as a matter of course, from which all customers benefit: From our professionalism, reliability and commitment.
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