Our brokerapp

our service app

In cooperation with VEMA Versicherungs-Makler-Genossenschaft eG, we have developed a ServiceApp.

With this app, you can

  • report a damage quickly and easily. Simply create a voice message, photos or video and send it to us. For example, you can record a voice log with the other party at the scene of the accident - and it's all very straightforward. And the location of the damage is included with the report. Ask us to check an invoice or policy - regardless of whether it was concluded through us or not. Just take a picture and send it to us. We'll get back to you - guaranteed.
  • receive push messages from us, which we can use to keep you informed about news, interesting facts or important changes.
  • always have mobile access to the wide range of landing pages we provide.VEMA MaklerApp.

    After the installation you have to register once:

    Now at Google PlayCode: sieveking
    (Please note that all characters are case sensitive)
    Loading in the App Storeusername: VEMA
    code: sieveking
    (Please note that the files are case-sensitive)

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